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Content Marketing Myths

Content Marketing for Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, PA and beyond – Part III of a Six Part Series.

The biggest trade show in the world is happening right now and it’s hard to miss those businesses participating.  That’s because the show is online and active participants know how to show up on search.  Visit their websites and you’ll find a treasure trove of valuable information and takeaways.  How did these businesses become so authoritative online? The answer is content marketing. Interested? Most businesses are. Before venturing forward, let’s take a look at six content marketing myths and the reality that disproves them.

1.  Myth: Content marketing is delivered in written format only.
Reality:  Most content marketing requires writing but not all of it is delivered in written form. Content marketing includes article posting, in-person events, enewsletters, case studies, blogs, white papers, webinars, webcasts, print articles, videos, social media, microsites, research reports, data driven content, podcasts, digital magazines, mobile, virtual conferences, ebooks and more.

2.  Myth: Content Marketing and SEO are separate entities
Reality: Google permanently merged content marketing and SEO with their Panda update and most recently, their freshness algorithm update giving preference to useful, recent and relevant content.  Search engines rank all digital content and determine whether or not it will be easy to find. For better understanding, take a look at search engine land’s fascinating Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors below:

SEO Table for content marketing

As you can see, content, HTML, and architecture determine whether on not your information will be listed on search.  Known for our fresh research based content combined with smart HTML, my company gives customers excellent organic search results. The bottom line is content marketing generates leads and conversions only if SEO is a strong part of the package. Truly, at this point, one does not exist without the other.

3.  Myth: Websites should be created separately – a content marketing strategy can always be applied later.
Reality: A website should never be created in a silo: It is your content marketing core and the foundation for your entire content marketing strategy.  Yes, a content marketing strategy can be applied later but your website will probably need to be rewritten and reconstructed.

4.  Myth: Sharing content on social media platforms is a website replacement.
Reality: Never hand over your conversion power to the whims of someone else’s platform.  No amount of  sharing on any social platform will ever bring you the organic search results a strong core will bring.  Here’s a bit of data, “Corporate websites rank as the #1 online source of new leads for business; second overall to personal referrals. ” (from Media Post’s Research Brief: Website is Key to B2B Sales).

5.  Myth: Content marketing is easy and can be passed off to an intern or college student.
Reality: Hahaha!

6.  Myth: Advertising replaces content marketing
Reality: The ROI of content marketing always beats the ROI of advertising.  Why? Because “Generic search leads to clicks on organic (free search) links 142% of the time.”(from  Media Post’s Search Blog).  In addition, advertising clicks only happen while you’re paying for them whereas organic search clicks continue long after you paid for your new content. Nevertheless, advertising has value which is why my digital marketing company integrates ads with solid content marketing for both brand awareness and clicks.

Does your business needs a strong content marketing strategy from a qualified digital marketing agency? The Creative Marketing Channel belongs to oz 2 designs LLC, Pennsylvania and Maryland’s first choice for SEO,  SEM, animation, website design, content marketing, print design, email marketing, and all things interactive and digital. Inquire about hiring us here.  Connect with us on LinkedinTwitter, and Facebook. Email us at [email protected] and stay tuned for Part 4 of this 6 part content marketing series.


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9 Responses to Six Content Marketing Myths – Digital Marketing Wisdom for Businesses

  1. Michael Charney November 5, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Fascinating insights; I particularly like the periodic table of content marketing elements; I plan on linking it out to a few people I know in that universe through my FB page.

    I’m curious about how certain intelligent tagging algorithms might enhance content marketing. For example, Thomson Reuters has a free service called Open Calais (and a related plug in for WordPress called Tagaroo) that can do some very sophisticated linguistic analysis and feed that back as part of a site’s metadata. Do you see any impact with this kind of additional technology?

  2. Jeannette Paladino November 6, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Catherine — a very well researched and written post. Thanks for the excellent tips. I was particularly struck by all the ways that you listed for distributing content. I see that I have some work to do! I’m also glad that you reinforced my belief that your website/blog is the centerpiece of your social media strategy. It’s your home base where you can develop content and distribute it to many other sites. You own the content and your website is the first place that people look to find out more about you. In fact, even if they do a Google search of you, it’s likely your website will come up at the top of the search and that is where they will go first.

  3. Catarina Alexon November 7, 2011 at 6:08 am #

    Agree with Jeannette that you have done great research and written an interesting article Catherine.

    Constantly get people visiting my site because they have done a search and my site came up. A long time ago I wrote an article “Will Greece go bankrupt?” and many people hence turn to me as an “expert” on the subject, which of course I’m not.

    If I ever need a helping hand for a company I will get in touch, Catherine.

  4. Susan Oakes November 7, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    Agree with the others Catherine. What strikes me is most of this is just common sense such as having your own website. Perhaps some confusion still exists because of buzz words that are used and simple explanations are missing. This article clears a lot of this up.

  5. Catherine Lockey November 7, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    Thanks so much Catarina.

  6. Catherine Lockey November 7, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    I knew you would like this one Jeannette since you typically write well researched posts too.

  7. Catherine Lockey November 7, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your visit here – glad you got something out of my post. Search Engine Land’s infographic is very nice indeed.
    It sounds like you’re more of an expert on tagging algorithms than I am…haven’t employed any yet myself.


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