Baby Got Backlinks – Google Don’t Want None Unless You’ve Got Backlinks Hun…

Various digital marketing strategies impact your visibility on search. One often misunderstood yet extremely important marketing strategy is link building. Every month there are 14 billion searches (yes I said billion). Even more interesting, 63.7% of all searches are done on Google, therefore; it’s imperative you understand how Google rates websites and how this rating […]

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8 Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire a Graphic Designer, Website Company, Social Media Expert and SEO Company

Are you ready for this information? Maybe you should sit down – it’s a paradigm shifter. Logo design, website design, search engine optimization, content creation, social media, and email marketing are all part of MARKETING. A time and money wasting approach you should avoid involves hiring various “specialists” whose marketing knowledge is statically compartmentalized into […]

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I didn’t do it alone, and, if you think about it, neither did you.

“And remember, ‘YOU did it and you did it ALONE.’” This is something a relative loves to tell me whenever I share good news with her about my business. Her automatic response, “You did it alone.” A seemingly strong statement revealing her great weakness.

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Blogging for Business: How to Create Your Own Media Channel

The heart and soul of social media and the foundation for influential business marketing is blogging. Don’t have a blog yet? Then you’re missing out on your chance to leave your indelible footprint in digital space.  A blog is your company’s media channel where your brand is created, expanded upon and recreated.  Every other form […]

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Power Network Expo 2010 – Gettysburg, PA – Women’s Conference and Tradeshow

Are you a woman owned business or someone who is looking to procure, finance, or hire a woman owned business? Then, the Power Network Expo 2010 on Saturday, August 21st, at the Gettysburg Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center is an event you must attend.

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#1 Search Engine Rankings, CMS, Online Sales Tools, and More – The Best of the Web in PA and MD

There are reasons why some web sites show up on search and some don’t. There are reasons why web site visitors choose to stay and look or click away. There are reasons why artistic design engages viewers and boring layout design does not. Finally, there are reasons why visitors convert to customers on one web site […]

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How to Cultivate a Twitter Tribe: Twitter for Advanced Beginners

When you’re part of a group who mutually support each other, you’re part of a tribe.  A Twitter tribe is a group on Twitter who express their mutual affinity for one another by retweeting each other’s posts. This means your post is viewed by your tribe’s followers (and their followers and their followers and their followers….) […]

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