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Social Media Writers for Hire

Why Social Media Writers are in Demand

Nearly three-quarters of all internet users use social media and it is the content produced by social media writers that influences them. Unlike copy writers, social media writers are a highly specialized and creative lot. They’re both in demand and compensated well for their services.  Are you interested in becoming a social media writer? Develop these 5 […]

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Don't get penalized by the new Google spider.

The New Google Smackdown: Bye Bye Over-Optimized Websites

SEO for Central PA and beyond. Danny Sullivan, editor and chief of Search Engine Land broke the story first.  Any day now Google will release a focused new algorithm update whose sole purpose is to seek out and penalize over optimized websites. Should you be wary of Google’s impending update? What exactly is an over-optimized […]

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Simple SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for PA, MD and beyond @oz2designs in East Berlin, PA Sharks circle when food is nearby and small businesses who vaguely grasp SEO are good food.  Perhaps your business has received a call like this, “Hi this is James Walker, data service provider for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Hey listen wanted to give you […]

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Percentage of companies that outsource content marketing

Corporate Content Marketing for Best in Class Results

Best in class companies utilize content marketing for brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead generation, and customer retention. It’s no surprise more than 60% of ALL companies plan to substantially increase their content marketing efforts in 2012.  Why is content marketing so popular? What content marketing tactics do best in class companies employ? Here, in part […]

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Justifying Online Video

Content marketing for Philadelphia, PA and beyond – Part IV of a Six Part Series. In the last five years video has transformed itself into a non-negotiable content marketing asset. Video viewing, now part of nearly everyone’s online behavior, is proven to directly influence online buying.   If you haven’t jumped into video yet, here are […]

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Content Marketing Myths

Six Content Marketing Myths – Digital Marketing Wisdom for Businesses

Content Marketing for Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, PA and beyond – Part III of a Six Part Series. The biggest trade show in the world is happening right now and it’s hard to miss those businesses participating.  That’s because the show is online and active participants know how to show up on search. 

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Website by oz 2 designs LLC

Your Content Marketing Core Matters

Content Marketing for Baltimore, Maryland and beyond – Part II of a Six Part Series Businesses around the globe know content marketing brings traffic, leads, and conversions. From social media to webinars there are a multitude of content marketing assets. Yet, each and every content marketing strategy must begin – and end – with your […]

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Content Marketing ROI

Content Marketing: What it is and Why it Works

Content Marketing for PA and MD businesses – Part I of a Six Part Series. A marketing and PR phenomenon has exploded online and its name is content marketing. Businesses of all sizes know content marketing brings active participants more traffic, leads, and conversions.  Data shows the more content you have, whether it be website […]

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Bye Bye Bottom Feeders: Google Says You Lack Quality

Bye Bye Scrapers: Google Says You Lack Quality

Sorry bottom feeders, but Google says your time has come. An intense, new algorithmic adjustment arrived the other day and it doesn’t tolerate your kind.  Projected to influence almost 10.5 billion search results every month, this adjustment lowers the rank of scraper sites, link farms, and other useless sites while increasing the rank of quality […]

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